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Welcome to Annai College of Arts & Science...

Our Vision

  • To build a college for the ravel pupation and to provide education for employment of students who are economically and socially challenged.
  • To provide world class education at third world rates.
  • To move towards the realization of university sates in which cerebral intelligent emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence would be promoted to shape the students to round healthy citizens of the great nation.

. Our Mission

  • To design curricular objective to valorize diversity and inclusion
  • To devise class room instruction strategies to coach student towards self testing through enhance performance in university examination.
  • To provide add on course like computer literacy soft etc to improve their career optional.
  • To provide value education to transform the students in to healthy citizens.
  • To sensitize students towards environment issued of sustainable development.
  • To contribute to the knowledge base through Scientific enquiry, Applied

Our Motto
Quality Education for Today and Tomorrow