Nature Club

     The Nature Club has always been committed to sensitizing its students on issues relating to environmental degradation. Thus it encourages its members to be pro-active towards sustainable development in their given milieu. The role of Nature Club is to impart fundamental knowledge about the natural environment, and to build practical skills on how to study it, among students at all levels. Ultimately, the goal of all of our programs is to promote positive and lasting action that will enhance and ensure the conservation of our rich natural heritage.


    Also Nature Club is a co-curricular activity that attempt to spread awareness about environment and undertakes activities to nurture the skills and talents of the students. This club conducts trekking, rock climbing, photography and a variety of other programmes. It attempts to create awareness among students about the importance of maintaining and preserving the soil and the water bodies and to protect the biodiversity. Various activities of this club create proper awareness about the significance of conserving nature and natural resources.