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The inception of Annai College of Arts and Science in 2001 marked the commencement of a transformative journey, echoing the wisdom of the Chinese proverb that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. This visionary venture was the dream child of the K.K.O. Mohamed Ibrahim Education & Charitable Trust, brought to life by the founder’s son, Dr. M. Anwar Kabir, Chairman. The conceptualization of the college was further crystallized by his elder brother, M.I. Abdul Gafoor, Correspondent. Today, Dr. A. Yahya Naeem carries forth their legacy, serving as our esteemed Brand Ambassador and continuing the tradition of excellence. Our management, committed to providing unparalleled educational services, has meticulously selected faculty members, ensuring that our students receive the very best in academia. We persistently redefine the essence of education, forging meaningful connections with the world beyond our walls.

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Dr.M.Anwar Kabir


Chairman Desk

In the heart of our institution lies a commitment to holistic development, reaching beyond academic confines to touch the lives of remote and underprivileged communities. This visionary program has not only uplifted deserving students but has also reshaped the educational landscape in rural areas. In the heart of our initiative lies a commitment to fostering team spirit and harmony, creating a collaborative environment that goes beyond individual achievements.

We are more than educators; we are architects of a brighter future, sculpting minds and hearts with values that extend far beyond textbooks. Our institution is a sanctuary of learning where academic rigor harmonizes effortlessly with the warmth of human values and a steadfast commitment to virtuous actions.

May our endeavors be continually blessed with success as we embark on this inspirational journey, inspiring positive change that transcends the boundaries of our institution. In our hands rests the transformative power not just for individuals but entire communities, leaving an indelible mark on the educational landscape and shaping a future of enduring impact.

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Dr.S.P.Manicka Vasugi


Principal Message

Welcome to our esteemed college, where excellence thrives! We proudly hold the World Record in CPR, a feat recognized by the Kalam Book of Records. Our students achieved the extraordinary, completing the Quaran Writing in 24 hours, a testament to their dedication.

Amidst our illustrious achievements, the Kalai Siragugal accomplishments shine bright, embodying creativity and innovation. We’ve etched our name in the annals of sports history with a record at the Bharathidasan University. Our University boasts top rank holders and NCC cadets securing first place nationally.

Our stellar faculty, equipped with Ph.D. prowess, ensures quality education. With a sprawling campus, we extend a warm welcome to rural students, providing facilities that foster growth. Join us in shaping futures, where inspiration meets education in every corner!

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