DIAMOND CLUB – Maths Department


Department of Mathematics


Academic Year – 2020-2021


The office of the students life and activities is dedicated to enhancing the college experience through a comprehensive campus the life program.  We are an integral part of Annai College of Arts & Science Working to compliment the college to mission through students centered programmes and services.


  • To create the interest in Mathematics.
  • To develop the students Logical thinking and explorative knowledge.
  • To organize Seminar, Workshop and Conference for students.
  • To develop heuristic and problem solving attitude among the students.
  • To be updated with current Scenario for their Career enrichment.

Roles and Responsibilities

The office bearer of the club is

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The  students  of  the  department  of  that  current  academic  year  are   all   active


The responsibilities of the club president is to overview the management and administrative operations of the club and to provide leadership and support to all it members the president the many achieve this through effective communication and responsible overview.

The main duty of vice-President is to assist the president and other club officers in completing their duty’s it is also the vice president’s job do effectively contribute to the club operations.

The role of secretary is to handle the correspondence of the club and keeps the record of it and also to maintain the official record of the meeting.


Minutes of meeting as per the HOD Chamber in the Academic year of 2020-2021


Formation and Selection of Club Members for the Department – Regarding


We have organized the club member’s selection on 18.08.2020.

The Department of Mathematics students are participated in the committee in the election start by the 10.a.m., The students shows their interest to start the club for the club passed on the eagerness, The department Head and faculty initiated to start the club finally by voting  method.

The students are allotted as president, Vice-President , Secretary  and Treasurer  in  the year.

Designation Name of the Students  



President K. Abinaya I- M.Sc.,
Vice – President A. Anusuya III Maths
Secretary A. Mohamed Yahya III Maths
Joint – Secretary S. Baranidevi III Maths
Treasurer R. Baby Acthaya II Maths


  1. R. Nalini                    I Maths
  2. B. Sarubala             II Maths
  3. T. Manikandan          II Maths
  4. S. Sivaraman        II Maths
  5. E. Vijayanthi              III Maths
  6. V. Preethi                  I M. Sc.,
  7. M. Sandhiya              I M.Sc.,
  8. T. Kanithavendhan    II M.Sc.,


The above said candidates are accepting the designation for the excellence functioning of Diamond Club   and the assure that the department club functions effetely for the students enrichment.

Designation                           Name of the Students

President     K. Abinaya
Vice – President    A. Anusuya
Secretary    A. Mohamed Yahya
Joint – Secretary    S. Baranidevi
Treasurer    R. Baby Acthaya


Club Activity Reports :

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