Computer lab is used by our students to practice application of computers in the various fields. Primary goal of the computer lab is to provide assistance to students that will enhance their chances of success.

     We also have a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Moodle, that teachers use to enhance learning experience by including computers and the Internet in the learning process. Different teachers use the VLE in different ways including storing course information and assignments, online quizzes, interactive tools such as discussions or wikis, displays of student work, and Internet links to outside curriculum resources. You will also be given your own password protected space on the student network to save files etc, which you can access from outside the college, and your own student email address.

     All the computers in the Computer Science Laboratory are connected to the Internet. The students can make use of the facility for downloading the necessary details for their study. The centre will be kept open even after the regular class hours and also on Saturdays for the benefit of students.

Laboratory Equipment: –

The equipment and machines in the laboratory are maintained by the lab- admin with the advice of HOD.

Computer software & UPS: –

The computer is maintained in the institution by information technology system support group, this division provide the integrated IT services like smooth running of automation, up-gradation and maintenance of websites, biometric, hardware, networking equipment melding intermit etc.



The state-of-art Laboratories are available for UG & PG. The Laboratory facilities are listed below.


S.No. Name of the Lab Facilities
1. Bio-Technology Lab Spacious UG, PG and Research laboratories are available with all major equipments such as PCR, centrifuge, calorimetry, microscope, Electrophoresis, chromatographic and tissue homogenizer.
2. Microbiology Lab Laboratory with all required equipments such as low & high speed centrifuge, laminar air flow chamber/wood, binocular microscope, digital colony counter, hot air oven, autoclave and water bath.
3. Physics Lab One UG lab is available with all the equipments.
4. Chemistry Lab UG, PG and Research laboratories are available with all the adequate number of equipments such as Potentiometer, Conductometer, pH Meter, Photoelectric Colorimeter, etc.
5. Computer Lab 7 Air Conditioned Computer Labs with 470 computers are available.

Licensed and Open Source Operating System and software are used.