Ph.D Computer Science


Research Department is one of the strongest component of our School of Information Science leading to award of Ph.D. degree. Faculty members of the school of information science are actively involved in the core areas and also  under interdisciplinary which are socially relevant research  in thrust areas.

To add up with   teaching, consultancy and extension activities. It is also providing a platform for the faculty members to interact with other experts in their area of specialization within India and abroad which provide an opportunity to understand the research quality of this University and also pave way for scientific collaboration.

Objectives of the Directorate of Research

  • To formulate regulations for the award of Ph.D., based on UGC guidelines
  • To prompt research assessment in various research centers through research supervisors
  • To facilitate Ph.D. candidates in various disciplines from admission to award
  • To improve the quality of research among Ph.D. students
  • To speed up the directorate of research activities via online processing
  • To facilitate research scholars into leading researchers in their field of science, humanities, management and engineering
  • To develop best human resource for the Higher Education Institutions