Mr.M.Anwar Kabir


Chairman’s Message

By the grace of the Almighty and the boundless support from my brothers, we could see the college growing from strength to strength. The Management is very happy to welcome dear colleagues, both teaching faculty and the support staff, to another year of productive actives. We also welcome the students to our campus.

“ Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts. ”- Winston

Our USP is to turn raw students from a rural background into self actualized human resource, ready for employment. We consider our campus as unique because we are not satisfied with mere manufacturing of graduates with paper qualifications but we believe in competency training to equip our students with employable skill sets. No wonder a number of certificate programmes has been designed to help our students to pick and choose their core competency specific skill sets. Just as we horn IQ of our students we also offer several programmes to develop their emotional intelligence as well as their Moral Intelligence. Our curricular objective is to transform cabbage into cauliflower as Mark Twain would put it. In other words, we do not plan to produce value-free robots but transform our students into complete men characterized by domain knowledge as well as value orientation. Welcome to Annai College, a wholesome education provider!