Mr.M.Anwar Kabir


Chairman’s Message

By the grace of the Almighty and the boundless support from my brothers, we could see the college growing from strength to strength. The Management is very happy to welcome dear colleagues, both teaching faculty and the support staff, to another year of productive actives. We also welcome the students to our campus.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Welcome to Annai College, where education transcends traditional boundaries! Our Unique Selling Proposition lies in our commitment to sculpting raw talents from rural backgrounds into self-actualized human resources, poised for meaningful employment.

Our campus stands out because we don’t just churn out graduates with paper qualifications; we believe in competency training. We’re dedicated to equipping our students with practical, employable skill sets, reflected in our diverse certificate programs tailored for core competency development.

Beyond honing IQ, we prioritize emotional and moral intelligence through specialized programs. Our curricular objective is transforming the raw into refined, as Mark Twain would say, turning ‘cabbages into cauliflowers’. We aim not for value-free robots but complete individuals with domain knowledge and a strong value orientation.

Join Annai College, where we shape futures and nurture holistic excellence!