M.B.A., (AICTE Approved)

Department Staff Details:

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification View Profile CV Link
1. Dr. C. Suresh Director M.B.A., M.COM., M.Phil., Ph.D., View Profile View Resume
2. Dr.R.Rajkumar Associate Professor M.B.A., Ph.D., SET View Profile View Resume
3. Dr.K.Senthilkumar Associate Professor M.B.A.,M.A.,(PM&IR)., Ph.D., View Profile View Resume
4. Dr.N.R.Saravananan Associate Professor M.B.A.,PGDHRM,M.A(Yoga) M.Phil., Ph.D., View Profile View Resume
5. Dr.M.Rampier Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., View Profile View Resume
6. Mr.K.Arun Kumar Assistant Professor M.B.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D)., View Profile View Resume
7. Mr.B.Srisundar Assistant Professor M.B.A., NET.,(Ph.D)., View Profile View Resume
8. Mr.U.Ramesh Babu Assistant Professor M.A.,M.B.A.,M.Phil., View Profile View Resume
9. Mrs.A.Anurekha Assistant Professor M.B.A., View Profile View Resume


The Department of MBA, focus in providing quality education for the empowerment of students from economically and socially challenged sectors of society. We not only concentrate on providing quality education but also supplement with academic programs that provide leadership development. This healthy mix of academic programs and extra academic program is planned to translate the vision of our college. Our department aims in shaping the student to develop the competency and capability either as an intrapreneur or as an entrepreneur.


  1. Amman Waters
  2. Goods Hand Management Services
  3. Sri Andal Soft Media
  4. Club Inspiring Millions
  5. Targenix