B.Sc., Physics

Department Staff Details:

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification View Profile
1 Dr.K. Sathishkumar Assistant Professor & Head M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.,  
2 Dr.A. Venkatesan Assistant Professor M.Sc.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.,  
3 Mrs.G.Dhanalakshmi Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,  
4 Mrs.P. Samiyammal Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.,  
5 Mrs.S. Lancy Assistant professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,  
6 Mrs.C.Aarthi Assistant professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,  


  • To transform the significance of physics to the students and develop them to the next level upto research through quality education.


  • To disseminate current scientific needs to the students through real time teaching methods and by motivating research to reach any contribution to the scientific community.


  • Bring out the fundamental concepts of physics to the students.
  • Effectively disseminate the physics knowledge for upcoming generations.
  • Upgrading the quality of education by adopting modern scientific technique.
  • Effective use of laboratories and technology to create and sustain access to learning.
  • Inculcate a sense of inquiry by experimentation and observation.
  • By orientation transferring the student’s vision towards real time implementation of Projects to develop research knowledge.
  • Develop competitive knowledge through Workshops and Seminars.



The Physics Department was established in the year 2005, and continued to cater to the latest demands in the field of education by providing quality education to the students. With a vision to set a stage for designing the future of aspiring students for their success in the modern world, the department offers undergraduate (B.Sc.,) and post graduate (M.Sc.,) courses.



Physics lab is well equipped with all the facilities and equipment required for the students to do experiments as part of their syllabi. The labs are spacious enough and a full-time lab attendant is appointed for the smooth functions of the lab.The objective of Physics Laboratory is to demonstrate the principles of experimental practice in Physics


  • Visit the Lab. thoroughly prepared to do the demonstration/experiment.
  • Students have to follow all written and verbal instruction by the Instructor/Lab Assistant.
  • A minimum of 75% attendance along with the Lab Reports are compulsory to attend the practical examination/s.
  • Personal apparel should be appropriate for the Laboratory work.
  • work must be performed only under the supervision of the Instructor.
  • Do not leave the equipment unattended while it is being used.
  • Only textbook/s and notepad/s required for the demonstration/experiment are to be brought to the Lab.
  • Be extremely cautious in handling the equipment, and follow the instructions for their use.
  • No outsiders are permitted in the Lab.
  • Report all accidents, no matter how minor, to the Instructor/Lab Assistant immediately, and awhile of medical assistance, in case of need.
  • Report all spills to the Instructor immediately..
  • Student Lab. Report must be approved by the Instructor.
  • DO NOT perform demonstrations without permission or use materials and equipment in a manner for which they are not intended.
  • Stay alert in the Lab, and always proceed with caution.
  • Use extreme CAUTION when working with hot apparatus or other heating devices.
  • Be careful when working with the electrical equipments.
  • Keep the Lab and the apparatus clean after demonstration/s, especially the sink.
  • Violation of Lab Rules will necessitate loss of Lab. privileges and/or serious disciplinary action/s.


Our Department has conduct Add-on-course for the students enrichment. The course details were enclosed.

  • PCP Board Design
  • Laptop and Mobile Service
  • Typewriting

Students are observing the preparation of PCP Board designing.


Our Department execute the Quantum Club (in early days it is called as Rainbow Club) to explore the student’s technical skill with the supervision of faculty. From this club the students demonstrating various scientific working models like Mobile Projector, Water Heater, Pencil Torch, Aircraft Car, Newton Disk, etc. These models giving more ideas and knowledge to upgrading the practical skill for the students.

Students are demonstrating the experiment of Water Heater.


         Every week on Thursday “Thinkers Forum” organized. In this Forum our department students delivered speech about various titles.

 Thinkers Forum under the guidance of Dr.A.Venkatesan, Assistant Professor of Physics.


We have successfully conducted three days National level online webinar on “Research Approach and Nano Material Applications” and one day National Webinar on “Operator Formalism of Quantum Mechanics”.

Date Recourse Person Title
21.06.2021 Dr. K. Ravichandran,

Associate Professor and Head of Physics, A.V.V.M. Sri Pushpam College (Autonomous) Poondi, Thanjavur

Research Methodalogy and Publication
22.06.2021 Dr. N. Jabena Begum,

Assistant Professor of Physics, D.K.M College for women Vellore

Chemical Vs Green Synthesis of Nano Particles
23.06.2021 Dr. K. Ravichandran,

Associate Professor, Dept. of Nuclear Physics University of Madras Guindy Campus Chennai

Nano Magnetic Material for Spintronics Application
28.5.2020 Dr. N. Shanmugam,

Assistant Professor Department of Physics Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

Operator Formalism of Quantum Mechanics

We have conducted many more seminars earlier and improved the ability of the students.



         Our Department has successfully visited “SOLAR OBSERVATORY” at Kodaikanal as Industrial Visit in the year 2019. From this visit students got more ideas about our solar system.




  • From our deprtment Mr. T.Jayakumar and Mrs. P. Samiyammal were awarded Ph.D. in the year 2021.
  • Our department staff Dr.A.Venkatesan retains as a reviewer of the Journal of Emerging Technology and Innovative Research (JETIR), also presented the papers on the National and International seminars and conference. On “Innovations In Physical Science Information Technology and Social Science” Sri Vidya Mandir Arts and Science College, Uthangarai, Tamilnadu. “Recent Applications In Advanced Materials” E.R.K. Arts and Science College, Erumiyampatti, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu and “Recent Trants In Advanced Functional Materials” Idhaya College For Women, Kumbakonam, Tmilnadu.
  • Our Department faculty Dr. C. Rajeevgandhi, Published three research papers in international journals (SCI1,SCI2 Listed) and he has been appointed as a editorial board member for the American Journal of Nano Research and Applications (NANO) and he also apply for Research Advisor in Physis to Bharathidasan University.
  • Our department faculty along with PG students participated in International conference in various colleges through online mode. All the staffmembers from our department successfully completed their syllabus through online classes during the Covid -19 Pandemic period and secure 100 % result.



Our department students encouraged to participate in different sports and literary competition conducted in various colleges. Mr. Kaviyarasan and Miss. Vannamathi III B.Sc., participated in athletics at Bharathidasan University. Every year about 5 to 10 students participate in Bharathidasan University in Inter-college competition and National level meet.



Department of physics has a wide list of reputed alumni who have earned the immense respect in various fields and are serving to the society

Every year Alumni Meet is Organaized to share their ideas for the upliftment of the department for students to beneficiary.

Our Best Alumnus are:

S.No Students Placement
1 G.KARTHIKEYAN Junior Executive – Shri Narayani Nidhi Ltd – Madipakkam
2 R.RENUGA Eureka Forbes your friend for life -Chennai
3 S.SANDHIYA Eureka Forbes your friend for life -Chennai
4 V.KUNA Eureka Forbes your friend for life -Chennai
5 A.ABIRAMI Eureka Forbes your friend for life -Chennai
6 R.JAYARAMPRAKASH Eureka Forbes your friend for life –Chennai
7 S.SARANYA Eureka Forbes your friend for life –Chennai
8 A.MONISHA TechabitGlobal Solutions Pvt Ltd-Chennai.
9 K.ANUSUYA TechabitGlobal Solutions Pvt Ltd-Chennai.
10 M.ELAMVIZHI TechabitGlobal Solutions Pvt Ltd-Chennai.
11 A.HONESTRAJ TechabitGlobal Solutions Pvt Ltd-Chennai.
12 N.ASHOK MRF Limited – Chennai
13 S.PRABURAJ, Center Manager, muthutt fincarp Small Finance Company at Kumbakonam
14 M. NIVETHA, Lab-Assistant in Physics in Annai College of Arts and Science


1 R.LOKESH 2015-18 MBA Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
2 R.KAVIPRIYA 2016-19 MBA Annai college of arts & science kumbakonam
3 S.SOBIYA 2014-17 M.SC (Phy) Dharmapuram gnambigai college – mayiladuthurai
4 K.THIRUMOORTHY 2015-18 MBA Annai college of arts & science kumbakonam
5 V.VIGNESH 2014-17 MBA Annai college of arts & science kumbakonam
6 S.SWATHI 2015-18 M.SC (Phy) Govt.arts college kumbakonam
7 S.ILAKKIAYA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
8 P.KAYALVIZHI 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
9 B.SATHYA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
10 S.AKILA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
11 C.THAMILSELVI 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
12 B.KALAISELVI 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
13 V.VINOTHINI 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
14 B.RAMYA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
15 R.PRIYANGA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
16 K.SATHYABAMA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
17 K.SONA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
18 R.DURGADEVI 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam
19 J.NIROSHA 2016-19 M.SC (Phy) Annai college of arts & science- kumbakonam