B.Sc., Microbiology



  • The department of Microbiology was established in the year 2002 with 30 students. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Microbiology is full time three year undergraduate degree course offered by the Bharathidasan University , Thiruchirapalli. A candidate passed in the higher secondary examination or appearing in higher secondary examination in current academic year with physics, chemistry and mathematics or Biology as major subject in science stream from any recognized board is eligible to join the course.
  • The department of Microbiology which offers Sc Microbiology , M.Sc Microbiology, and Ph.D programmes was started with an intake of 30 students in the under – graduate level. Currently the combined program has 98 students with 5 dedicated and qualified faculty members assisted by 2 technical staff members
  • The Department offers courses on general microbiology, microbial diversity, agricultural microbiology, environmental microbiology, industrial microbiology, food microbiology, immunology, medical microbiology, microbial genetics, fermentation technology and plant pathology.
  • The Department provides ample scope to students and faculties for academics and research. The class size is kept large enough to provide a vibrant learning environment but small enough to allow close interactions between the faculty and the students. Postgraduate students in the Department gain valuable research experience through research project, which is practical training of the subject, offered as a part of the course curriculum.
  • Department Bioscience organized a science exhibition “BIOSPECTRA” (Talent Hunt) on every year. Industrial visits have been arranged regularly to the students to inculcate first hand practical experience. Students of the department get the opportunity to undertake projects and summer training in various leading companies and institutions.
  • School of bioscience has signed MOU with Dept of Medicine &Biomedical science, MAHSA University, Malaysia and with Department of biotechnology, QULI University, China.
  • We have placed our students in different position in different organizations.
  • The department is well-equipped with modern laboratories to provide quality teaching and research opportunities for students. The Department has the facilities like UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Laminar Air flow chamber, Cooling Centrifuge, Autoclave, Light microscope, Water Bath, Orbital Shaker Incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, UV-Trans-illuminator, Hot Air Oven, Refrigerator, pH meter, Dry Bath, Weighing balance, Magnetic stirrer, Vortex and Gel electrophoresis apparatus etc.


  • Our vision is to produce highly qualified and competent students in all areas of Microbiology.
  • The Department of Microbiology in an integrated team of educators providing leading education and innovative research expertise in all field of Microbiology.
  • To recognizes the strength and ability of the students and work together to achieve our common goal.


  • The Mission of Department is to promote good quality education and inspiring training in different disciplines of Microbiology.
  • To create an innovative, creative study environment to the students.
  • To train the student excels in both practical and theoretical aspects of Microbiology.
  • Motivate and guide the students to develop new techniques in Microbiology.


  1. Understand and comply with laboratory safety rules and procedures, especially the constant use of aseptic technique and the proper handling of biohazards.
  2. Successfully perform the following techniques: aseptic transfer; streak and spread plates for isolation of microbes; maintenance of pure cultures, using colony morphology to aid in microbial identification; simple, differential, and special stains; serological, metabolic and biochemical characterization of microbes; molecular techniques as gel electrophoresis, transformation, restriction digest, etc. as performed in the laboratory.
  3. Become proficient with the light microscope by using wet mounts and stained smears to differentiate among and between eukaryotic and prokaryotic microbes. Use phase, fluorescence and bright field microscopy.
  4. Become proficient at characterizing “unknown” microbes by both microscopic and macroscopic techniques and by preparing and using dichotomous keys.
  5. Become familiar with procedures for performing and reporting laboratory experiments.



  1. Students will be able to acquire, articulate, retain and apply specialized language and knowledge relevant to microbiology.
  2. Students will acquire and demonstrate competency in laboratory safety and in routine and specialized microbiological laboratory skills applicable to microbiological research or clinical methods, including accurately reporting observations and analysis.
  3. Students will communicate scientific concepts, experimental results and analytical arguments clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.
  4. Students will demonstrate engagement in the Microbiology discipline through involvement in research or internship activities, the Microbiology Student Association club (MSA) and outreach or mentoring activities specific to microbiology

Department Staff Details:

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification View Profile
01 Dr.V.Moorthy Head & Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,  
02 Mr.M.Dineshkumar Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil., DMLT,PGDHT,  
03 Ms.S.Josphin Reena Assistant Professor  
04 Ms.A.Mary varsha Assistant Professor  
05 Mrs.K.Sasikala Assistant Professor  
06 Mrs.D.Meharaj Begum Assistant Professor  
07 Dr.J.Revathy Assistant Professor  
08 Dr.K.Balasaraswathi Assistant Professor