Our Milestones

    • In 2001, the K.K.O Mohammed Ibrahim & Educational Trust laying the foundation stone for the College affiliated to Bharathidasan University.
    • In 2001, B.Sc (IT),B.Sc (BHM),M.Sc(C.Sc).M.Sc(IT) has been introduced.

    In 2004, B.Sc(Maths),B.Com(Applied Additional Section I) has been introduced

    • In 2005, B.Sc(Bio.Chem),B.Sc(V.C) has commenced
    • In 2006, B.C.A(Additional Section I),B.Sc(Computer Science Additional Section I) M.Sc(Bio technology) has been commenced
    • In 2007, B.Com(Applied) Additional Section II, B.C.A. (Additional Section II),B.B.A(Additional Section I),B.A.(Additional SectionI), B.Com (Applied),M.B.A.,has been introduced

    In 2009, M.C.A,B.B.A(Additional Section II) has been commenced

    • In 2010, M.B.A(Additional Section I) & M.C.A(Additional Section II) has been commenced.


  • “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.   – Anthony J. D’Angelo
    • In 2014,B.Litt(Tamil),B.Sc(MB),B.Sc(C.Sc),B.Sc(BT),M.A(English)&M.Sc (Mathematics) was introduced.
    • In 2015 Research departments in Ph.D Microbiology, Tamil,B.Sc(Chemistry),B.B.A,B.Sc(Physics),B.A.(English),M.Sc(Chemistry),M.A(English) Additional Section I, B.Sc(BHM) Additional Section I has been commenced
    • In 2016, B.Com(Regular),M.Com,M.Sc(Physics),B.Sc(Chemistry) Additional Section I, has been introduced.
    • In 2017,Research Departments Ph.D in Biotechnology, B.Com (Regular)Additional Section I, &M.Sc(Microbiology),B.Com (BM),B.Com(C.A),B.Com(C.S) has been introduced.
    • In 2018, a new building for Library was renovated
    • In 2019, applied for B.A(Defence) course