Alumni Association

The Annai Alumni Association has a robust mechanism. It acts as a bridge between the former students, current students and authorities. The institute regularly interacts with the Annai Alumni Association (AAA) and it organizes Alumni meet once in a year and collects the addresses of the Employers through the feedback given by the Alumni


Vision: ANNAI COLLEGE Alumnae association helps to bridge the gap of student-Alumnae interaction that shall establish the raising of both present and future alumnus .

Mission: To build a nexus of ACAS STUDENTS and contribute to the personal and career development of the present and passed out students.



To maintain a data base of the alumnae profile

To organize meet for the alumni students annually.


S.No      Alumni Member   Designation

  1. Mr. T. Tamilmaran, President
  2. Mrs. S. Sumathi, Treasurer
  3. Miss. N. Niranjana, Board Member
  4. Mrs. A. Anureka, Board Member
  5. Mr. R. Karthikeyan, Board Member
  6. Mr. K. Babu Tamil Selvan, Board Member
  7. Mr. P. Paul Shulter, Board Member
  8. Miss. R. Sharmila, Board Member
  9. Miss. Sathya Narayani, Board Member



Events: Adoption of poor students for education

Alumni Meet

Donation of Clothes and things.

Dinner gathering

Creativity contests for the students Sapling of plantation


No of Enrolled Alumni – 2442


Online Alumni Registration Form – Link

Online Alumni Feedback From – Link