In the Academic year 2005-2006, the Department of Mathematics has been launched through the affiliation of Bharathidasan University. There was strength of 18 Students in the first batch. The PG Programme was started in the Academic year 2014-2015 through the affiliation of Bharathidasan University with the students’ strength of 06.

Since its inception there are totally 194 Students from UG Programme and 56 Students from PG Programme have successfully achieved their Graduation. In the academic year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 our department has achieved 100% result in the Final year University examinations.

In our Department we have well Qualified Staff with academic record and currently there is 7 staff members are working.

Our students have participated in many National and International level Seminar and Workshops.

Our students has participated and won many prizes in cultural and sports events. Our students were participated in State level and National level Cultural events under our “Annai kalai Siragugal” Banner.

From the beginning there were about 50 Students from both UG and PG were successfully placed in different organizations through our Campus Drive.



To enhance significant research with high quality of education to  the students by critically assess the Mathematics technique, knowledge and skill for Society welfare.



  • To help the rural students to overcome their aversion towards Mathematics.
  • To enrich the quality of Mathematics Teaching – Learning process with technological aids.
  • To help the students towards higher studies and to create the awareness of job opportunities in the field of Mathematics


In the year 2012 we have launched a Club called “DIAMOND” with the motive of developing Mathematical skills such as Algebra, Group theory, Networks, Graph theory, Number

theory, Fuzzy Algebra, Statistics etc… under this club we have been conducting events such as Math Mind, Math quiz, Connection, Math model, and Vedic-Math.

We initiate “Thinkers Forum” events by instructing different types of topics to the students and make them to present in the Classroom in order to develop the presentation skills as well as the knowledge.

Many of our aspired students were achieved  different Govt. Jobs in Postal Department, TN Police, Government Schools etc..


Year on year we are conducting “inter school meet” for the school students who are studying in Schools in the nearby Area. In this event we will invite the school students to our campus and we conduct different types of events such as Math Quiz, Math Rangoli, Math Model,   SU DO KU, etc… the winners of the above events will receive prizes and certificates.

Our department has regularly conducted classes on every year for BBA students of Madhrasa from Nachiyarkoil village, in the following subjects such as Mathematics & Statistics for Managers, and Operations Research.

Every year we used to celebrate “World Mathematics Day” the birthday of great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujam on 22nd December. On that day we conduct seminar, workshops, exhibitions, quiz for science for our college students by inviting resource persons from different expert area.


  • M. Velmurugan our alumnus from the UG batch 2009-2012 has been working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, KSK Engineering College, Dharasuram.
  • S. Shajitha Begum one of our alumni from 2007-2010 UG batch. She also scored 90% marks in the UG Programme. She cleared Govt. Examination and working as a teacher in govt. school, Kallakurichi.
  • P. Pravin of 2015-2018 UG batch has been placed in “TamilNadu Special Police”, Delhi.
  • M. Abinaya from of 2016-2019 UG batch has been successfully placed in TamilNadu Postal Department.


01. Mrs. S. Anbarasi Head of the Department M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., 12 Years
02. Mrs. R. Vinitha Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., 3 Years
03. Mr. P. Sivaguru Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., 3 Years



  • We are regularly organizing five national level seminar for every year
  • We organize math competition for school students in every year
  • We extend our consultation to madharasa students for two subjects for every year
  • We induce our students to better go for higher studies


Lab Facilities:

  • We provide software knowledge to the students through these labs available in our department.
  2. C++


S.NO Date Club activity Name Event Name Number of Student members
1 19.07.2019 Diamond Club History of Mathematicians 50
2 31.07.2019 Diamond Club Math mind 49
3 16.08.2019 Diamond Club Social Service for Annai Karunai Illam 45
4 20.12.2019 Diamond Club Ramanujan Birthday Celebration. 52
5 29.01.2020 Diamond Club Number Ninjas 50
6 22.12.2020 Diamond Club Ramanujan Birthday Celebration. 49
7 23.02.2021 Diamond Club MATH Mind 45
8 15.03.2021 Diamond Club National pai Day 35
9 06.12.2021 Diamond Club Introduction to Numbers 30





1 Fundamentals of Algebra and Analysis 15.07.2016 1 National
2 Introduction to Theoretical Mathematics 17.10.2016 1 National
3 Miracles in Number 27.01.2017 1 National
4 Various Applications of Mathematics 24.07.2017 1 National
5 Perfect and Mersenne Prime Numbers 23.08.2017 1 National
6 Introduction to Fuzzy Mathematics 27.09.2017 1 National
7 Applications of Mathematics 29.12.2017 1 National
8 Fundamentals in Mathematics and Basic concepts of Real Numbers 18.01.2018 1 National
9 Role of Mathematics in Daily Life 27.07.2018 1 National
10 Limits &Continuity 20.08.2018 1 National
11 Mathematics & It’s Applications 17.09.2018 1 National
12 Applications of Stochastic processes 12.05.2020.


1 National
13 Significance of Domination in Graphs 27.03.2021 1 National
14 Recent Trends in Mathematics 23.06.2021 – 28.06.2021 6 National
15 Practical applications of Mathematics in Everyday life 16.09.2021 1 National



As  a  part  of  students  participation,  our  Department  enthusiastically  participated  in  various  Conferences and  competitions  organized  by  other  colleges.

Our  department  students   had  participated in National Level Seminar  in  Government  College for  Women,  Kumbakonam.


1 Sathya. C Bharath college of Science and Managemnt Folk Dance 29.03.2016 First prize
2 R. Thilagavathy Arasu  Engineering College Karakattam 27.07.2019 First prize
3 R. Thilagavathy AVVM Pushpam College, poondi Folk Dance 2018-2019 Second Prize
4 R. Thilagavathy AVVM Pushpam College, poondi Group Dance 2018-2019 Second Prize
5 R. Thilagavathy Govt. College for Women, Kumbakonsm Group Dance 18-09-2019 First prize
6 R. Thilagavathy Bon Secours College for women. Folk Dance 24.08.2019 First prize
7 R. Thilagavathy Sengamalathayaar College, Group Dance 20.09.2019 First prize
8 R. Thilagavathy Bharathidasan University Folk Dance 30.09.2019 Second Prize
9 E.Vijaya Santhi Bon Secours College for women. MIME 24.08.2019 First prize
10 E.Vijaya Santhi Bharathidasan University Skit 2019-2020 Second Prize
11 M.Aarthi Bon Secours College for women. Classical Solo Dance 2019-2020 Second Prize
12 M.Aarthi Govt.College for Women, Kumbakonsm Folk Dance First prize



            Our department faculty Prof. N. Karthika has published two Research Articles. They are as follows

  1. Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers and its Corresponding Matrices with Int.J.Math.and applications. 6(1)(2018),117-124(Special Issue) 9. ISSN:2347-1557.
  2. An Applications of Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers and Matrices to Solve Decision Making Problem with JETIR volume 5, Issue 9. ISSN-2349-5162.


  • B. Jayam and G. Sasikala Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics has been an External Question Paper Setter for the Institution Sri Krishna College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore.


Peer Interaction Programme  is  conducted on  every  Friday  in  the  afternoon  session.

The Department Organize the “Knowledge Sharing   Session” among the Faculty. Each faculty will be assigned a topic in their subject and ask them to present among other faculty. This is periodically conducted on every Friday. This  cerebral  session used to  Stimulate  the  faculty members  and  motivate  them  to  increase  their  level  of  knowledge  in  the  subject.


A campus interview was arranged by the Department of Mathematics for the final year PG and UG students more than 50 students got benefited by the interview.

We thank our management for conducting this campus interview.

Students’ placement:

1  Arunkumar.M Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
2 Lakshmi. S Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
3 Priyanka. J Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
4 Sathya. R Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
5 Madhusudhanan.A.V. Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
6 Madhumitha. R Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
7 Bhuvaneswari. P Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
8 Abinaya. M Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
9 Manimozhi. J Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
10 Geetha. R Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
11 Sarojini. M Techabit  global Customer Service Executive
12 Umamahendhiran. R Techabit  global Customer Service Executive



  • Our department has formed, “ALUMINI ASSOCIATION” and used to conduct alumni meet in every year.
  • The last Alumni Meet was conduct on 18th January 2020.




1 T. Ajith kumar Assistant Auto loan Sales Executive, SBI , Thiruvarur.
2 S.Nandhini Victory Eservices Private Limited, Tanjore.
3 A. Abitha Sri Sangara Middle School,Thediyur.
4 M. Abinaya Tamil Nadu Postal Department.
5 P. Pravin Tamil Nadu Special Police


6 A.V.Madhusudhanan Sri Narayani Nithi Limited,


7 D. Durga Sri Ramakrishna Vidhyalaya.
8 B. Kanimozhi PWD (Data Entry), Nagapatinam
9 R. Abinaya Sri Sowdambiga Matriculation School, Thuraiyur.
10 R. Jaya Gokilambal Matriculation school.
11 G. Sineka AKT School,


12 A. Karthickraja Army
13 S.Shajitha Begum Govt. Teacher, Kallakurichi.
14 R. Meena Vidhya Sahari Teacher, Govt. School, Vazhkkai
15 G. Prakashini Teacher, Sri Mahadeva Guruji Matric School
16 M. Selvam Vice Principal, National Vidhyalaya Matric School, Kumbakonam
117 K. Nagendran Manager in Equitas Bank
118 M.Jaiprince LFHS School, Kumbakonam
19 D.Murali Star Lion Metric Higher Secondary School, Ayyampet.
20 N.Neppolian Gowthama Puththar Hr. Sec. School,


21 C.Suganya KSK Hospital, Kumbakonam
22 S.Sivaraj Green Park Metric Hr. Sec School,


23 M.Velmurugan KSK Engineering College, Kumbakonam


Department Staff Details:

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification View Profile CV Link
1 Mrs.S.Anbarasi Head & Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., View Profile Resume
2 Dr.P.Maduranthaki Associate Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., View Profile Resume
3 Mrs.B. Jayam Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., View Profile Resume
4 Mrs.S.Brindha Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil., View Profile Resume
5 Mrs.N.Karthika Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., View Profile Resume
6 Mr.P.Sivaguru Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., View Profile Resume
7 Mrs. R. Vinitha Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil.,M.Ed., View Profile Resume
8 Mrs.R.Abarna Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil.,PGDCA View Profile Resume
9 Mrs.R.Chandrakala Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil., View Profile Resume
10 Mr.P.Pragadeeswaran Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil., View Profile Resume