Information Technology (IT)



  • In order to develop an information technology graduates with strong, high quality academic technical backgrounds and with modern curricular tools and techniques.



  • To develop a human resource with sound knowledge of theory and practical in the discipline of computing environment and the ability to apply that knowledge for the benefit of the society.



  • The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2001. It offers undergraduate (B.Sc Information Technology) program from the year 2001 and Postgraduate (M.Sc., Information Technology ) Program was established in 2002.
  • At present the department is filled with more than 50 students. The students are admitted to the course as per the revised regulations of the Bharathidasan University 2016-2017. In this year 50 students got admitted in the B.Sc degree and 25 students in the M.Sc Degree.
  • The Department is strengthened with 3 distinguished faculties who will be registering for their research in the forth coming years.
  • The Department of Information Technology has an excellent academic track record and infrastructure for the successful conduct of the bachelor’s program in Information Technology.
  • The Department with the well-knit faculty demonstrating high professionalism in graduating the students,  matching with the  performance needed to navigate among the opportunities abounding in today’s world of Internet and E-Revolution.

The Department has faculty members specialized in Programming Languages, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Computer Graphics, Operating System and Mobile Computing and also in the specialized research areas like Digital image processing, Data mining ,Artificial Intelligence,Big Data and Analytics and so on.