B.A Defence and Strategic Studies

In 2019, a pioneering step was taken with the establishment of the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, making us the trailblazers in offering this course under the esteemed affiliation of Bharathidasan University. Our primary objective has always been to make quality education accessible to the economically disadvantaged and the middle-class segment of society.

Our program is not merely academic; it’s a holistic journey that goes beyond traditional boundaries. We take pride in preparing our students for the challenges they may face, be it in civil services or in serving our nation in various defence capacities. We understand the importance of a well-rounded education, and thus, our students undergo comprehensive training, both physically and intellectually.

The uniqueness of our approach lies in providing training for written tests alongside physical fitness, self-defense, yoga, and personality development. We believe in shaping individuals who not only understand international relations, economics, and political science but are also equipped with the physical and mental resilience required for the diverse challenges that may come their way.

Defence Studies, a focal point of our curriculum, delves into the intricacies of military systems and national security. Our course is meticulously crafted to instill an understanding of defence strategies and management among civilians who aspire to serve our nation in various defence roles. From geopolitics to military geography, defence economics, and nuclear policies, our students undergo a comprehensive study that prepares them for the dynamic landscape of national security.

In a testament to our commitment to holistic development, we proudly announce the introduction of a new course in 2021—8(TN) Battalion NCC, Kumbakonam. This addition exemplifies our dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals, instilling not only knowledge but also a sense of discipline and patriotism.

As we stride into the future, we continue to be a beacon of education that not only imparts knowledge but shapes individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to the defense and strategic landscape of our nation. Join us on this transformative journey where education meets purpose, and aspirations meet achievement.


  • To generate adequate knowledge base in defence studies by Providing quality education including national security affairs to reflect  its relationship with society & culture.



  • To impact knowledge and develop oriented aptitude and disseminate ideas of war and peace.
  • To mobilize public opinion in favour of the requirements of the national security.
  • To create security consciousness among students.
  • To give mature guidance regarding security problem and prospects.
  • To guide the candidates for central and state service examinations


  • We have conducted a seminar in the topic “Awakening the passion for happy living” on 25.02.2021.
  • We have conducted a seminar in the topic “The spark of armed forces in India” on 10.03.2021.
  • We have conducted a national webinar on morning session “Lessons in leadership for modern India” on 21.06.2021.
  • We have conducted a national webinar on evening session “Building Resilience” way to handle failures on 21.06.2021.
  • We have conducted a one day programme about “World civil and social justice day” on 20.02.2021.
  • We have celebrated the “World civil defence day” on 01.03.2021.
  • We have organized a workshop on Military base, Conservation of reptiles, War and peace.
  • In our department we used to train our students on fitness workout on every morning. We used to conduct team building activities as weekly workshop.
  • Our department students participated in many webinars and quiz programmes in other colleges.
  • We have conducted a group discussion on “political parties” to our students on 13.03.2021.
  • We have conducted a group discussion on “china build and road” to our students on 09.12.2021.
  • We have conducted a group discussion on “Market structure in principles of economics” to second year boys on 9.12.2021.
  • We have conducted a group discussion on “Distribution in principles of economics” to second year girls on 9.12.2021.


  • To plan progressive education training schemes to impart training and theoretical knowledge in military sections.
  • To built up national loyalty through study among the students to aware about national &international issues.
  • To study about internal & global security with a view to develop high standards of skill and raise crafts to level of technology.
  • To gain the knowledge from ancient war to modern war.
  • To gain the knowledge of defence economics, military geography and its impact on security, as well as defence
  • To impart an understanding of human nature so that the man power can be direct to the best advantage for the industry.
  • To maintain a close liaison between teachers and students so that the student can mould themselves for their future enrichment.
  • To aware about national & international issues among the rural.
  • To gain the knowledge of defence strategy and tactics.
  • To gain the knowledge from International Relations.
  • To gain the knowledge of National Security.
  • To popularize the course in south India in general and Tamil Nadu in particular.




  • Apart from class hours, weekly 2 days(Tuesday, Thursday) are

Allocated for field practice.

  • Group Discussion are given to our students.
  • Through (Annai Aatchiyar Academy) students are trained from group examination & UPSC examination.
  • Our students are trained by Retired Military person.
  • Seminars / Workshops / Webinars are organized.

Department Staff Details:

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification View Profile
1 Dr.K.Suganthi Head & Assistant Professor M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,B.Ed.,  
2 Mr.M.Aswanth Assistant Professor M.A.,  
3 Mr.L.Sankarapandian Assistant Professor M.A.,  
4 Mrs.B.Sofia Assistant Professor M.A.,M.Phil.,