B.A., English

About the Department

Department of English was established in the year 2006. We offer UG and PG program in our department. Our UG program was started with the strength of 37 students and additional intake in the year 2008 which facilitate to enroll 220 students in our department. We inaugurated PG program on April 2014 with 30 students .We got PG additional intake in the year 2015 which facilitate to enroll 70 students.

Our Department organized seminar, conference and webinar for our students and also to other department students. Through our ‘Koinonia’ Literary Club, we invited eminent resource persons from various esteemed institutions to enrich the student’s literary knowledge. We motivated the students to participate in the seminars, workshops and conferences of various institutions to expose their talents. Our Department faculties have published and presented research papers.

Our Department Faculty Dr.P.Ananthan served as Resource person in various Institutions. Through our ‘Koinonia’ Literary club we organized literary competitions such as quiz, speech , essay writing , drawing , picture description , poetry recitations , news reading, mime and drama competitions to enhance the skill of our students. Apart from the syllabus, through add on program we gave training to the students on various topics such as developing communication skills, paper presentation, Narrative writing and preparing resume which help to strengthen the career of the students.


Transform the rural students into different life styles by making them expert through quality education in English literature, translation and Language.



To provide learning and research opportunities in New Literatures in English, Cultural Studies, , Aspects of Language Teaching, Translation Studies, World Literature and Sociolinguistics


⦁ Encourage literary sensibilities and language competence through English literary elements.
⦁ Make them to know the values of social responsibilities on Drama teaching
⦁ To offer advanced, career oriented post graduate on imparting professional knowledge, employability and life skills.
⦁ Provide the vision of community group development and strong ethical values by literary teaching



⦁ Make them as sophisticated reader.
⦁ Provide chances to be a better listener and more effective speaker.
⦁ Mould them as a more creative and critical thinker.
⦁ Students develop moral imagination, ethical values, and a sense of vocation.
⦁ Students learn to understand cultural heritages of other countries.
⦁ Improve communication skill through active engagement in a variety of activities.
⦁ Provide job opportunities to all students.

Department Staff Details:

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification View Profile
1. Mrs.S.H.Thahira Head & Assistant Professor M.A.,M.Phil.,
2. Dr.P.Ananthan Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
3. Mrs.A.Rojabhanu Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil
4. Mrs.V.Meerabai Assistant Professor M.A.,M.Phil.,
5. Mrs.M.Saranya Assistant Professor M.A.B.Ed.,
6. Mr.K.Vijayakumar Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,
7. Mr.S.Premchinnappan Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,
8. Mr.R.Mathivanan Assistant Professor M.A.,