We embrace and value the feedback we receive from students and staff, particularly when it supports our growth of our students. For the Cause we collect feedback from stakeholders. For Curriculum and Co-curriculum improvements, we Analysis the Pedagogy method for easily understands the basic concept of the course objective and outcome and it can be achieved through seminars and Guest lectures. For the benefits of the students we provide Value added course for enhancing the students’ technical skill and we conduct soft skill classes to improve the Communication skills of the Students. A self appraisal is prepared by each faculty. The principal intervenes and addresses possible areas for the improvement and evaluates the faculty by motivating them to look at specific areas where growth is needed. Evaluation of all college programmes with the respective stakeholders is conducted. An annual feedback – ‘Looking Back to Look Forward’ is done with the Faculty. Similarly, a feedback is done with the outgoing Student Council before they leave college

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