Minority cell of the college was established with the purpose of empowering the minority communities in the college. The College has been very much keen to provide services to the educational and cultural needs of the Minority community along with other caste, creed and Nationality. The Minority Cell basically helps minority students including Christian, Muslim etc. for their academic development.


  • To ensure provisions for an environment where all such students feel safe and secure.
  • To facilitate financial support to students from minority communities from governmental agencies and other sources.
  • To be aware of the minority students regarding various scholarships program of State and Central Government.
  • To ensure protection and reservation as provided in the Constitution of India.
  • To encourage in career orientation programs that would empower and equip them with the necessary skills to choose career options.
  • Focusing on students mental health by conducting online and offline seminars from world renowned scholars
  • Improving their communication skills in spoken English and other major languages
  • Updating them on all scholarships and helping them to benefit from it.
  • Teaching them about moral values to take care of their family and the society
  • To gain awareness about their rights and their contributions in politics


Roles and Responsibilities

  • To function as a Grievances Redressal Cell for the grievances of minority students to render them necessary help in solving academic as well as administrative problems.
  • To arrange special opportunities to enhance the carrier growth of these students.
  • To conduct the program for disseminating the scholarship schemes provided by governmental agencies and other sources.


List of Committee Members

S.No Name of the Member Designation Position
2 Mr.S.Nizar Ahmed H.O.D., Department of Arabic Convener
3 Dr.J.Loyola Peeris H.O.D., Department of Tamil Member
4 Dr.S.Jegan Ando Thilak Assistant Professor, Department of Tamil Member
5 Mrs.M.Sanofar Nisha Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic Member
6 Mrs.J.Jayaseeli Rebeckal Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry Member
7 J.Sujith kumar Student /Final year School of Information Science Student Member
8 A.Assarar Ahamed Student / Final year School of Commerce Student Member
9 S.Nithin Victor Student / Final year School of Bioscience Student Member
10 J.Abul Kalam Asath Student / Second year Department of Business Administration Student Member
11 S.Mohamed Fahim Student /Final year Department of Chemistry Student Member
12 A.Ayesha Beevi Student / Final year Department of English Student Member














H.O.D., Arabic Department