Nature Club

Annai Nature Club

Annai College of Arts & Science established Nature Club in 2008, with a strong desire of promoting Environment Awareness among the Student Community and to generate the importance of Ecological Conservation in diverse sectors of the general population.  Various activities are being carried out by the club to translate its vision into reality.

The crucial role of our forest in the Western Ghats in safeguarding the global environment is not widely known by the student and common public. Even the people who use river water for farming and other purpose do not know how the streams originate and what is the role of the forests in producing streams? We see people who survive only by use of wonderful fluid-water abuse it by letting toxic waste and effluents into the water bodies. Even after the Indian Wildlife Act 1972, we witness people who boast about need to educate people on the vital importance of protecting our environment.


Aware! Alert!! Prepare!!!


  • To promote Environmental Awareness among student – Teachers through informal method.
  • To facilitate development of ECO EDUCATION in the formal education sector.
  • To ensure human resource development for environmental education, awareness, training programmes.
  • To mobilize people’s participation for conservation of environment.


  • Trekking Camps for Student – Teachers to observe and realize the importance of Forest conservation.
  • Eco-Education at Trekking Camps to educate the Students – Teachers and transfer their knowledge to School Students.
  • To create awareness on Protection of endangered Flora and Fauna.
  • To inculcate the Habit of Tree Planting among Student – Teachers and to transmit this awareness to the next generation.


Main objective of this club is

  1. To create environmental awareness programme in the name of Eco-Education in natural environment like forests and grasslands with permission of the Forest department.
  2. To frame and execute non-technical style of teaching for student.
  3. To give a chance to the youth to enter into the natural eco system to have first hand information about their life supporting system.
  4. To teach youth to protect and love nature.


Issue of free saplings

  • Students are supplied with a sapling, while they receive the application for admission.

Plastic eradication

  • The college has always prioritizes the Eco-friendly education and as a measure, the Nature Club greatly emphasis on plastic free environment.

A Forestation Project

  • As part of Nature club activity, 3 villages nearby the college has been adopted by Nature Club and more 3000 plants were planted every year, more than that 1000 plants were planted within the campus this year.

Awareness Programme

  • Awareness programmes has conducted by the Nature Club such as mass rally, debate and competition for the conservation of forest, Preservation of Endangered species, Plastic eradication, Importance of clean & Green earth.

Campus cleaning Activities

  • Routine Campus clearing activity has carried out by the members of Nature Club.

Distribution of free cloth bags & Paper Cups

  • The Common public attention for the eradication of plastic usage. Free cloth bags & Paper cups were issued at important marketing places and commercial complexes.

Trekking Camp

  • Trekking camp at deep forest will be arranged for the students by the nature Club with the permission from forest department. These trekking camps would enable students to work together as a team, remove the difference among them and improve physical Health.
  • Long Nature walks in the dark and deep sholas, rolling grasslands, winding streams, banks of lakes in the wild and in pine plantation with a will to see, to know, to feel, to share, to enrich, to appreciate, to love and to conserve Nature.
  • Animal watching evening treks.
  • Slip and slide along the wet feathery grasslands.

Eco-Education Workshop

  • A four day Eco-Education was organized by Prof. Kanthasamy on various topics of Eco-Conservation, Protection and Nature & Wild life. Camp fire discussions and debates were also conducted as part of the trekking camp.

Personality development

  • Motivating moments for personality development, Leadership creation and decision making were mainly focused during the trekking camps organized by the nature club.


Mr. K. Vijayakumar M.A., B.Ed.,

Assistant Professor in English


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