Thinkers forum was started in 2018 under the  leadership of Dr. Anwar Kabir, Chairman, Annai Group of Institutions and in the presence of Dr. S.P. ManickaVasugi, Principal, Annai College of Arts & Science (ACAS). Vice Principal Prof. S. Elanchezhiyan and Prof. K. Raja of ACAS, delivered the benediction. Prof. R. Latha, IQAC Co-ordinator, ACAS, delivered the greetings. Prof. S. Somasundaram, Thinkers Forum Co-ordinator  conveyed the Welcome Address. The Principal of ACAS, during her special address, advised that this forum should function in such a way that all the professors should learn critically from various books and share them with others.


This forum should inculcate new concepts and ideas that should be easy to understand and thought provoking.


Books on Self-confidence, Arts & Literature, History, Short Stories, Novels, Fiction, Poetry, Science-Fiction, and Biography on Freedom fighters must be taken to the masses in an easy to understandable format. Apart from the text books, we must make learning from non-curricular books as a habit.




  • To make reading a habit.
  • To read a selection of books.
  • To briefly explain the knowledge gained from the books.
  • To research books in order to bring out new concepts, ideas and creativity.




  • To read books in order to provoke thoughts.
  • To share new concepts and ideas.
  • To narrate stories in an easily understandable manner.
  • To convey scientific, economic, literary, and social conception.
  • To learn and inculcate non-curricular knowledge apart from text book knowledge to others.



Thinkers Forum Co-ordinator.



1 16.02.2018 Prof.S.Somasundaram Tamil Kumariyin Mukkuthi –Short Story
2. 10.03.2018 Dr.S.Anandhan English Tamil words to English Words
3 27.03.2018 Prof .B.Srisundhar BBA Kalviyil Panpukal
4. 19.07.2018 Prof.T.Suresh English Important Quotations
5. 26.07.2018 Prof.B.Srisundhar BBA NAAC Orientations Programme
6. 02.08.2018 Prof.J.Jenith Maths Easy Method Maths Learning
7. 02.08.2018 Dr C.Gopalraj BCOM Positive Attitude
8. 06.09.2018 Dr D.Balasundaram BIO SCIENCE Time Management
9. 27.09.2018 Dr R.Kalaiyarasi Tamil Thotiyin Mahan –Short Story
10. 11.10.2018 Dr.T.Jayakumar Physics A.P.J.Abdul Kalam-L ife history
11. 22.02.2019 Dr S.P.Manicka Vasuki Principal Inthiyap Privinai – History
12. 28.09.2018 Prof.S.Elanchezhiyan Vice Principal Muthirchi – V.Iraiyanbu I.A.S.
13. 11.07.2019 Dr.J.Loyola Priees Tamil Kumasthavin Pen- Short Story Annadurai
14. 18.07.2019 Dr N.Vanjulavalli Bsc CS Veeramangai velu Nachiyar-history
15. 25.08.2019. Prof.K.Arulmozhi MCA Poomiyin Thevadai-Annai Theresa
16. 12.12.2019 Dr.Bhuvaneshwari BCA Petal Kastro – Life History.
17. 19.12.2019 Dr.Jegan Anto Thilak Tamil Naan Oru Inthuvaga Sagamaten. Dr.Ambethkar
18. 09.01.2020 Dr.A.Venkatesan Physics Natppu – Iraiyanbu I.A.S.
19. 24.01.2020 Prof.A.Rojabanu English Cheracter is Destny in Shakespear Othello.
20. 04.03.2021 Dr.R.Kalaiyarasi Tamil Aathangarai Oram- Iraiyanbu IAS.
21. 11.03.2021 Prof.S.Surenthiran English Vilangukalin Manithaneyam
22. 18.03.2021 Prof,M.Aswanth Difence Aram
23. 25.03.2021 Dr S.Suganya Commerce Vekkai
24. 01.04.2021 Dr.V.Mala Chemistry Venravar Valkai
25. 08.04.2021 Prof. K.Dhanalakshmi Physics Ariviyal Methai Vikram Sarabhai
26. 15.04.2021 Prof.Arun MBA Mathorobhahan- Noval
27. 22.04.2021 Prof.V.Thirumurugan Tamil Vinnum Mannum- Noval
28. 21.10.2021 Prof.V.Meerabhai English Shakespear’s MidSummer Night’s Dreem
29. 28.10.2021 Prof.V.Veeramani Visualcommunication Pothuvudaimai Thathhtuvam
30. 25.11.2021 Dr.A.Vasanth Visualcommunication Palam Kalyana Sundaram
31. 04.12.2021 Prof. Mathi Muthra Hotel Management Penmaiyai Potruvom