ANR - Annai New Revolution

Annai New Revolution

Annai college of Arts and Science started Annai New Revolution in the year 2008 with the aim of providing financial support to the students by the students. It’s main aim is to improve the education of the economically poor student of the rural areas. Annai new revolution throws beacon light on the economically poor students.



Providing free education should not hurdle the students development. It’s main focus is to provide knowledgeable education to all.



The beacon light for economically downtrodden students.

  • To create integrated educational society.
  • To improve the educational standard of the economically poor student.
  • To imbibe the students generous nature.
  • To develop the students social thinking.



Annai New revolution picks out economically poor students from rural areas most often affected by natural disaster. ANR Students give one rupee each day with the intention of uplifting the education standard of the poor student.



  • It works under the board consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Co-ordinator, Members.
  • Its gets the recommendation from the committee members to select the student on the basis of their family environment, economical status, their previous education mark list and are allotted amount according to their necessity.
  • It selects the first year students after getting the report of the home visit of the students from the staffs.
  • It provides from receipt of the collected fund from the students, and provides fund to the poor students only through cheque.
  • The committee has the right to remove the name of the student and also to add the new students for this scheme.

ANR Activity Report – Click Here


Dr M. Pugazhanthi Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor in Tamil Department