HIV/AIDS Present Situation

  • HIV is currently spreading in the world at the rate of one new infection every fifty seconds.
  • The HIV/AIDSis not confined to any one class, community, religion, age group, sex or profession, though according to the Indian Health Organization (IHO), Women and children are believed to be more prone to AIDS.
  • The HIV infection is spread over all regions and all groups. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has become one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges.
  • According to UNAIDSReport, all over the world 34 million are currently living with HIV/AIDS in
  • More than 25 millionpeople have died of AIDS worldwide since the first cases were reported in
  • In 20082 millionpeople died due to HIV/AIDS, and another 7 million were newly infected.
  • In India there are 7 millionpeople infected with HIV/AIDS.
  • In India the rate and pattern of HIV infection is not uniform in various states. The highest numbers of AIDS cases are found in MUMBAI, which is known as “AIDS capital of India”.



      Putting the honest effort with dedication of serving the education @ by becoming a value driven learning institution with excellence as its standard,  where tradition and technology is used with the best of the available research @  resources to provide the continuing learning and growth.


  • To contribute to nation building by imparting quality higher education to rural youth.
  • To inculcate the national sprit and instill a sense of social commitment in the minds of the youth to foster universal brother hood.
  • To promote the evolution of lawful and equitable society through higher education.

Primary Objective

  • To prepare youth as peer educators/agents of change both among youth as well as society at large by developing their skills on leadership, advocacy, communication and team building.
  • To increase awareness among youth on sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.
  • To impart skills among youth on self-protection, negotiation, and effective group interaction.

Additional Objectives

  • To encourage blood donations.
  • To serve as forums for medical students to participate in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Role of the Red Ribbon Club
  • Promote Regular voluntary blood donation by young people and increase access to safe and adequate quantities of blood.
  • Conducting AIDS awareness programs.
  • Making Blood Group Directory.
  • Observance of Important days.
  • Educate youth with correct, concise and adequate information.
  • Enable youth, especially the female students, to identify and understand situations of exploitation and abuse.
  • To install life skills into youths to live better and healthier life.
  • Create among the youth a cadre of peer educators


Red Ribbon is the international symbol of HIV and AIDS awareness. It is being worn by increasing number of people around the world to demonstrate their care and concern about HIV and AIDS -for those who are living with HIV, for those who are ill, for those who have died and for those who care for and support those directly affected.

The Red Ribbon offers a symbol of hope and support for those living with HIV, for the continuing education of those not infected, for maximum efforts to find effective treatments, cures or vaccines and for those who have lost friends, family members or loved ones to AIDS. But the Red Ribbons are not enough. The Red Ribbon is only a useful symbol in the long run, when attached to words and deeds that actually make a difference.

If someone is offered a Red Ribbon, he is asked to take it and wear it as a tribute to the millions of people living with or affected by HIV / AIDS worldwide. Anyone can wear a Red Ribbon. There is no ‘official’ Red Ribbon. You can make your own to wear.

Wearing a Red Ribbon is the first step in the fight against HIV / AIDS. It can be worn on any day of the year, but especially on World AIDS Day (i.e. 1st December). The next step is to do something more for those suffering from HIV / AIDS.



Mainstreaming of HIV & AIDS and ensuring safe blood are major activities to control the spread of HIV & AIDS in the country. Of the over 1 billion youth (ages 15-24),worldwide, some 10 million youth are living with HIV : Everyday ,an estimated 6,000 youth are infected with the virus .Out of 2.47 million estimated population infected by HIV in India, 88.7% are in the age group of 15-49 years. In view of this, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India has proposed to establish a network with universities and educational institutions to generate awareness regarding HIV & AIDS and to promote Voluntary Blood Donation to ensure safe blood and implement preventive programmes on HIV & AIDS.

Under the NACP III youth have been identified as a vulnerable group requiring special attention. Recognizing the heterogeneity of the youth NACP III aims to promote Red Ribbon Clubs to cover youth at risk to HIV both in campuses as well as in community.


Red Ribbon Club Programme Conducted


Year Title of the Programme Date & Duration
01 2015 Eye camp 19-12-2015
02 2016 Aids Awareness 13-08-2016
03 2017 Guidelines  
04 2017 First Aid Training 08-09-2017
05 2018 Blood Donation Camp 26-02-2018
06 2018 HIV Positive and Aids Awareness

Interaction program

07 2018 Eye Camp 20-09-2018
08 2018 Aids Awareness 14-08-2018
09 2019 World Aids Day 01-12-2019
10 2019 Consumer Awareness program 31-07-2019
11 2019 World Voters day Awareness  25-01-2019
12 2021 People With Disability 03-12-2021


RRC   Advisory Committee of Annai College of Arts & Science

S.No       Name       Designation          Address
01 Dr.S.P Manickavasugi Chairperson Principal, Annai College of Arts & Science, Kovilacheri,


02 Prof.S. Elanchezhiyan Member Vice Principal , Department of Hotel management, Annai College of Arts & Science, Kovilacheri,


03 Prof. K. Raja Member Vice Principal, Department of Computer, Annai College of Arts & Science, Kovilacheri, Kumbakonam-612503


04 Dr.A. Lakshmipraba             Invitee RCC Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Science, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
05 Prof.S. Prem


Member Secretary RRC Programme Officer, Assistant Professor of English, Annai College of Arts & Science, Kovilacheri,Kumbakonam-612503
06 R. Arthi             Member I B.COM CA,   Annai College of Arts & Science, Kovilacheri,Kumbakonam-612503
07 A.Anne Jolly             Member I PHY, ,   Annai College of Arts & Science, Kovilacheri,Kumbakonam-612503


Click Here – Committee office bearers File

Click Here – RRC Member Name list 2015-2020

Club coordinator

Mr. S. Premchinnappan M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.,

Asst. Prof. in English, ACAS