Quality Circle involves a group of Co-ordinators who work in the same position or department, meeting to discuss, analyze and find solutions for the problems related to improving work performances.

The Co-ordinators establish a group and come up with some key requirements to ensure the success of the Quality Circle. The Co-ordinators used to interact with the students in a month. The purpose of the quality circle is to improve total performance and quality of learning.

The Quality Circle has a leader chosen by the members among themselves to provide direction and control over the group. The members are responsible for identifying problems and finding solutions.

Quality Circle Meeting was organized once in every month to know the problems and difficulties of the students. The students express their views and ideas freely with the Head and the Co-ordinators of the Quality Circle Meeting. After the meeting we try to sort out the difficulties and bring a solution to the problems and issues are discussed in the ARM (Academic Review Meeting) with Department Heads.



The college fosters academic and career success through the development of critical thinking, effective communication, creative and cultural awareness in safe, accessible and affordable learning environment.



To practice continuous improvement in the quality of learning & self development.



  • To bring out the hidden talents of the students.
  • To make them understand the importance of college education, facilities and opportunities available to them to shape themselves in the right direction.
  • To motivate the students to achieve their goals.
  • To make continuous improvement in total performance.

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QC Minutes of Meeting 2020-2021 – Report

QC Minutes of Meeting 2021-2022 – Report



Dr. J. Loyola Peeris M.A., M.Phil., P.hD.,

H.O.D Dept. of Tamil

Mrs. S.H.THAHIRA M.A., M.Phil., 

H.O.D Dept. of English